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Außerdem tötet man Bakterien ab die Karies verursachen können. Auf dem nachfolgenden Bild siehst du sogar das kleine Flugzeugsymbol, welches bestätigt, dass es auch für Reisen bzw. das Flugzeug geeignet ist.

A new example on this direction it reveal that important manufactures from low cost category of smartphones (Huawei or Xiaomi) – coole gadgets, are taking in consideration important steps for safety, they understand that it is wise to eliminate every potential dangerous substances from their items.

A Folding Bicycling For Ultimate Portability If you rely on your bike to get to work, school, or around town then you know how important it is keep your bike safe. When you leave it outside, there is always a chance that it could get stolen even if it is locked up….

Spion gadgets is een verzamelnaam voor electronische apparatuur die als doel hebben te spioneren. Zo zijn er spion gadgets in de vorm van kleine spionage camera’s en zendertjes waarmee bijvoorbeeld iemands positie kan worden bepaald. Spion gadgets hebben de laatste jaren een steeds grotere bekendheid gekregen door films zoals James Bond en andere detective series, hoewel de spion gadgets die in deze films en series worden gebruikt ver vooruilopen op de spion gadgets die voor particulieren te koop zijn . Het grootste probleem bij veel spy gadgerts is de batterij. Ondanks dat met de komst van li/ion batterijen de laatste jaren een grote sprong vooruit is gemaakt, blijft het bij veel spion gadgets toch de bepalende factor in formaat en bedrijfsduur. Zo zijn de pen camera´s de laatste jaren op veel gadgets websites opgedoken en worden deze al soms voor rond de 50,00 euro aangeboden. De inzet hiervan is echter beperkt door de batterij die maar 1 uur meegaat. De toekomst van spion gadgets wordt erg interessant! Met de komst van het internet zijn de gadgets voor veel meer mensen toegankelijk waardoor de fabrikanten meer kunnen produceren en de prijs van spion gadgets omlaag gaat. Meet mensen kunnen zo dus spion gadgets kopen en zo herhaald dit zich. Buiten de lagere prijs leidt dit ook tot doorontwikkelijken van de spion apparatuur. Zo zullen er in de toekomst dus echt spion gadgets komen die james bond heeft gebruikt, alleen zullen dit altijd de gadgets blijven uit de films van 5 jaar en ouder. 

A number of Bond films have portrayed MI6 and their opponents to experiment with Laser Technology. Laser gadgets could be small enough to fit on one of Bond’s many Q-Branch watches to industrial sizes being fitted on various types vehicles and air/spacecraft.

Welcome to Way Cool Gadgets! We are a website that’s dedicated to bringing you the most ridiculously awesome gadgets from around the internet that you’ve ever seen. We have ransacked the web looking far and wide for downright cool gadgets that we think everybody should know about. Some of these gadgets are extremely clever, some are ideal for geeks and some are just downright weird. One thing that they all have in common though is that they’re all incredibly unique and it’s unlikely that you’ll find them anywhere else. We’ve divided all of the gizmos that we feature on the site into several categories ranging from ‘Novelty’ to ‘Cheap’. You can find gadgets of any type by choosing a specific category from the menu above. Don’t forget to connect with us on your favorite social media website so that we can let you know about new and exciting gadgets as we add them to the site. You can follow us on either Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (or all three!). By doing so you’ll be the first to find out when we add cool new gadgets to the website. We’re constantly adding new and interesting stuff so make sure that you check back regularly!

Those who are always working out and would like to keep track of the various metrics through the entire fitness regime would definitely have a heart rate monitor of sorts. Well, with the world moving towards integration of functionality in many aspects, Sweetzpot decided to work on the FLOW, a wearable fitness device that will bring together a breathing sensor as well as a heart rate monitor. FLOW arrives in the form of a comfortable chest band with the claim that it can help improve athletic stamina as well as performance.

When you are on the move, whether for work, study, or play, there is little worse than running out of juice for your mobile devices. A useful gift is a juice bank, such as the Anker PowerCore 10000, which can be thrown into a bag or suitcase and pulled out when needed to give your smartphone or tablet power on the go.

This underwater drone can submerge up to 98 feet (30 meters) and records 4K video streamed to your phone, which you use to navigate. Not impressed? OK, with its add-on Fishfinder sonar it can detect fish up to 131 feet (40 meters) away and and lures them with a blue light. Still not wowed? PowerVision will be offering VR goggles that allow you to robot around by tilting your head.

Turn Your Car Into A Workstation! Traveling for business can be stressful. However, it can be a lot less stressful if you are organized. The RoadMaster Car Auto Desk offers business travelers a way to get organized and be productive while on the road. A quality auto…

Bilder und Videoaufnahmen in 720p-Auflösung aus einer neuen Perspektive – und zwar von oben: Die “Parrot AR.Drone 2.0” ist eine Flugdrohne mit eingebauter HD-Kamera. Gesteuert wird der Quadrocopter über die zugehörige App “AR.Freeflight” für iOS und Android. Das Bild der Kamera wird live auf das Smartphone oder Tablet übertragen. Zudem ist das System kompatibel mit der “Carl Zeiss Cinemizer OLED”-VR-Videobrille und der “Nvidia Shield”-Konsole, beide Geräte finden Sie hier in unserer Galerie.

so down to try these’ Mercury Skate – rollerblades designed with an anti-shock system for a smoother ride on the pavement and to decrease skater fatigue. Improved ability to accelerate faster and gain higher speed. Line skates

A very inflated version of Dr. Kananga. Bond makes Kananga swallow a compressed gas pellet making him inflate before exploding. There is evidence that this pellet contains helium or hydrogen (a gas lighter than air) as Kananga rises to the ceiling while inflated before he explodes.

Dieses Ford Gadget ist praktisch für alle, denen öfter mal der Schlüssel herunterfällt. Bei einem normalen Schlüssel ist das kein Problem, doch moderne, elektronische Schlüssel können dabei schnell einen Defekt erleiden und funktionieren dann nur noch bedingt. Die Elektronik bringt

Science and technology have made great strides. Each day some new device or an instrument is being invented for our benefit. So, why not reap the benefits of new inventions? ShopClues has made gadgets online shopping exciting for you with its automatic electronic devices, Earthquake alarms, Laser Distance Meter, etc.

Acer had me at $9,000 gaming laptop (that’s about £7,300 or AU$12,400). But it also has a ginormous 21-inch curved screen — the first in a laptop — and an eye-tracking camera. Of course, it has nine heat pipes to cool the two GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs and two power supplies, four speakers and two subwoofers, plus it weighs 19.4 pounds (8.8 kg).

It’s niche, but the Sprout G2, with its integrated 3D and 2D scanners, is perfect for product designers, CGI creators and other folks who can benefit from incorporating 3D models into their workflow. It’s also got a stylus-enabled touch mat that acts as a second screen.

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