“Bestes Tech-Spielzeug beste persönliche Gadgets”

HomeAdvisor, a free app with an expanding roster of collaborators, will find the appropriate service person should your smart home detect a problem. If your home senses a leak, for instance, a plumber will call you within minutes. And it even works with Amazon Echo’s voice control software, Alexa.

The Chipolo Card is an incredibly thin, credit-card sized device which can either be slotted into a purse or connected to a device and through an accompanying app, will set off an alarm if the user is looking for their missing gear.

Regular seaplane piloted by hitman Hector Gonzales who used it to ferry Melina Havelock to her parents’ houseboat. Also came equipped with hidden machine guns on the underside later used to assassinate the Havelocks (with the exception of Melina who did survive).

This Is One Sneaky Flask This is the perfect accessory for any woman who wants to look great and keep a little liquid courage on hand. The original design was to accommodate women at concerts and outdoor venues, but let’s be honest, women got creative with where this…

I know what you’re thinking: “A router?!” I have no clue if it’s any good, but this geometric orb, available in gold or silver, certainly doesn’t look like a piece of networking technology. It also offers real-time network security for every device connected to it.

Hier ist die kleine Version perfekt, weil viele internationale Flughäfen (bspw. in Dubai) auch Duschen anbieten. Du wirst dich danach wesentlich besser fühlen und der folgende Flug verläuft in der Regel entspannter.

One of the big problems with the current state of the VR art is that it really doesn’t fully engage your senses. But how do you get haptic feedback for your tootsies? Taclim’s tackling that with prototype VR shoes that will let you feel it as you’re virtually tiptoeing through the tulips and wading on the shore.

Du bist ein echter Volkswagen-Fan? Dann ist dieser Aufkleber genau das richtige Tuning Gadget für Dich. Er kann mit den Maßen 55 x 14 cm optimal bei vielen Autos an die Außenseite der Frontscheibe geklebt werden. Der Aufkleber ist standardmäßig

Begleiten: Diese Kamera ist bestens getarnt, nämlich als Garatentor- oder Autofernbedienung. Hobbyspione können gar einen Zeitmechanismus einstellen. 2 GB Speicherplatz sind bereits eingebaut. Für 139 Fr. bei www.geschenkidee.ch 

Close any open applications and press the [Windows] + [L] keys to log out of your Windows account — or just restart Windows. the login screen, click the Power icon at the bottom right, hold down the [Shift] key and select the Restart option.

Inkluderet med spion kamera pen er en 8GB SD-kort, til at indfange krystalklar video og lyd. Efter billedet eller videoen er optaget, bare slutte den til en computer med en USB-port, lastet til at se på din fritid.

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